Sustainability Management

Best practices, benchmarking, performance measurement, improvement planning.

Made simple. Customized by industry. Prioritized by value.

About The Sustainability Project

FOR ANY COMPANY, TSP is a tool that lets you identify best practices specific to your industry segment, benchmark with peers, get overall performance scores, share results at your discretion, and plan improvements prioritized by value.

FOR MANAGERS OF MULTIPLE REPORTING ENTITIES, TSP helps your suppliers, facilities or offices advance in sustainability management, while providing you with meaningful measures of the quality and maturity of their sustainability management (for use in RFPs, scorecards, improvement programs, external reports). Dashboard analytics help you identify improvement opportunities and track performance trends over time.

Best practices

Browse best practices by industry, prioritized by economic and sustainability value.


Compare performance in sustainability with peers through confidential, anonymous, aggregated reports.

Technology, products, services

Find best practice-linked technologies, products and services.


Select improvement actions on a value-prioritized basis and see their impact on cost, savings and overall performance scores.


Assess performance against best practices, and identify opportunities ranked by business value and peer implementation rate.

Performance scoring

Get performance scores against best practice in absolute terms. Share scorecards with client organizations at your discretion.

Supplier/facility assessment

Find sector-specific RFP/solicitation and annual survey questions and tools.


Create your own list of reporting entities, and dashboards to track performance trends and improvement opportunities over time.

Content development process

Content on this website is made freely available for anyone to access under a Creative Commons license. It is created as part of an ongoing collaboration of individuals and organizations across a variety of disciplines in the public and private sectors who have an interest in accelerating the uptake of best practices for transformative change in sustainability.

If you are interested in contributing content to an existing industry segment, or in creating a new industry segment that is not yet represented on TSP, contact us for more information about the process.

Platform source code

The Sustainability Project’s web-based platform was created under a General Public License (GPL). This means that the source code is freely available to anyone to duplicate, run, study, share and modify with the provision that any resulting modifications or additions are also made freely available under the original GPL license to benefit the greater good, rather being exploited for private benefit or profit.